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EXCERPT: Only Broken Things Are Free

Not Easy Bein’ Green

“There’s not a woman here who hasn’t had an orc try to cut her to ribbons,” Tammagan said. “Dakrith makes them jumpy, and I don’t want someone skewering your friend because he loses his temper.” She looked at Dak. “It’s for your own protection.”

“Bullshit,” he muttered.

“Do you have a ‘Captain’ before your name?” Tammagan asked.

Dak shook his head and unstrapped his sword and its sheath, tossing them onto the table. “Oh look. Scared white people just disarmed the colored dude. That’s never fucking happened before.”

If my Uncle Scott were here, he’d have a Second Amendment–flavored conniption, but I doubted a lecture would get Dak his sword back. Instead, I glanced around the small room. “For the record, the most dangerous person on this boat isn’t Dak. It’s me.”

They all stared.

“I can use a pencil and a piece of paper to kill everyone here. It’d be easy. I can summon rune stones; I blew off a dragon’s head; I killed a guy with the same exact power as me using a cat full of razor blades. Dak is my best friend, and I love him more than all of you combined. So maybe you shouldn’t skewer him by accident. Just food for thought.”

I’d never threatened anyone before. Kyra smiled my way, but the Akarri who didn’t know me glanced at Tammagan to confirm whether I was lying.

“He’s not wrong,” Tammagan said. “Anyone who harms the orc will answer to Magister Grawflefox and then me.” She picked up Dak’s iSword.

We decided to take our food to go.

Read the whole thing Friday, Sept. 16!

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