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EXCERPT: The Accidental God

“You stole my kill,” the ninja said. He stood a scant five-six, up to my shoulders, and wore armor plates over dark-gray clothing that hugged his lean frame. His face was wholly obscured by a porcelain faceplate shaped like a demon’s scowl.

“Stole?” Personally, I’d have been thrilled to come to a dragon fight and find fewer than the expected number of dragons. “You… want to split the XP or something?”

“That was a breeder. The breeders are worth eight hundred crowns,” he explained in a surprisingly reasonable tone. “But you already knew that, didn’t you?” He rotated the sword clockwise, like he was figuring out a more painful way to stick it in.

“What? No! I don’t even like money. Keep it all, I don’t care. Do you want my money? Can’t stand the stuff.”

“The price is paid on the fangs. You destroyed them.”

“We could glue them together.” I glanced at the burning lumps of dragon head. “A sieve might help.”

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