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An Old Yarn

Out of nowhere remembering a high school English class where the teacher got called away and left us to play a game. We were given a ball of yarn and everyone told one sentence of a story and tossed the ball to someone else. The idea was, we’d see the yarn connecting our bits of the story to one another.

Soon, people threw the ball of yarn harder and harder until it went out the (second-story) window. Naturally, attempts to pull the ball of yarn up only unrolled it further, when someone shouted, “THE TEACHER IS COMING.”

We pulled the yarn up as fast as we could, rolling the ball at our end while dragging it up, but halfway through we snapped the string. In the confusion, we started rolling the remainder into a second ball of yarn, so that when the teacher stepped in, he saw us all red-faced holding two balls of yarn.

“Why do we have two balls?” he asked, somewhat skeptically.

One kid (his name was Brent, I think) waited exactly one beat before answering, “Is that your question for God?”

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